Udder Relief  by DAIRYLAND Scientific 

P.O.  Box 127 Curtiss, WI 54422 715-223-3366

Satisfying Customer’s Needs One Customer at a Time

"Udder Relief is one of my top udder products on my truck.  Our Customers use it to reduce swelling in the udder and increase blood flow, reducing the stress in cows.”
Dave Hurst
Sales Representive
Fisher & Thompson
Mifflinburg, PA

“After applying Udder Relief at one milking, within 12 hours we can tell the overall udder quality had improved! This product is great to use on hard quarters, fresh cows and heifers, and also with edema or mastitis problems.
Sheri Danhof
Regancrest Farms
Waukon, IA
"Using Udder Relief is a time management tool for me.  I can't be every place at once.  My employees know when there are fresh animals or signs of mastitis to use the spray.  Having a trusted product makes my life less stressful."
Wayne Heinbach
Selinsegrove, PA
Herd 300

​“You can tell the product really works! I’ve used other products in the past and this one works just as good, if not better! Buying it in 55 gallon drums helps save on price and is convenient with a large farm.”
Kerry Dietsche
​Loyal, WI
Milking 1,700